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The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, known as the traditional specialty of Italian gastronomy, comes from the skillful mixing of aged wine vinegar and cooked grape must from selected grape varieties (Trebbiano, Lambrusco and Sangiovese for the most part).
The maturation in the cellars of the typical area of Modenese and in particular in the oak barrels, gives it a dark brown color with reddish reflections, a sweet and sour and red fruity flavor (with a prevalence of plum and cherry), balanced and pleasant to which on request caramel can be added as a color stabilizer.
The difference between a Balsamic and the other lies in the concentration of grape must (the second ingredient in order of importance - which in addition to giving greater density to the product gives sweetness and harmony to all dishes with a particularly strong character!
But grape must is not always the second!
Looking at the ingredients list sometimes you will find Balsamic with more grape must than wine vinegar, the latter are preferred alone, without the addition of olive oil!
Excellent on fillets, red meat (especially raw) and game, and risotto!
The first courses, those with more vinegar, are combined in all those salads and dishes where they are accompanied by extra virgin olive oil!
Excellent with red meat (even raw) and roasts, grilled vegetables and parmesan cheese; on summer salads ... on ice cream and berries.
Available in different types.
The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI combines the Piedmontese tradition in the selection of wines and aging with the Modena specialty of Balsamic Vinegar.
Born in the heart of the Modena balsamic vinegar district: here the wine vinegar aged in the wooden barrels of the Varvello Cellars
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