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Zappalà S.p.A. is the largest Sicilian cheese producer and among the top Italian dairy companies for the Italian retail market.
We have 3 production plants based in Sicily and we sell our products to more than 30 countries worldwide such as Japan, USA, South Korea, UAE and in most of the European Union countries.

We produce a wide and diversified range of items for retail and HoReCa customers:
- Mozzarella Fiordilatte, a high quality product, available in various formats, enriched with lactic ferments, which give a softer consistency and a more delicate taste;
- Pasta filata cheese: scamorza and provola plain or smoked only with natural beech woods;
- Fresh ricotta, enriched with sheep's milk, which is hand-picked with a spoon to preserve the natural flakes of the emerging ricotta - for this reason it is called "gentle ricotta"
- Salted Ricotta, different from other common salted ricotta: selected from fresh ricotta of excellent quality, it is salted by hand and then aged for a few days in drying cells with natural ventilation.
- Primo Sale cheeses produced according to the best Sicilian tradition: the Pecorini Gourmet 800g, with 100% sheep's milk, and the Gustose 2kg, produced with 3 milks (cow, goat and sheep ), flavored with selected ingredients;
- PDO cheeses: Pecorino Siciliano PDO, produced with raw sheep's milk and aged for 6 months, Ragusano PDO, produced with raw cow milk and aged for 12 months, and the Provola dei Nebrodi PDO, produced with cow milk, kid or lamb rennet, and seasoned for 3/4 months.
- Baked Ricotta Cake, baked ricotta cakes flavored with various ingredients, such as lemon or mandarin, available in both the 180g retail format and the 1.6kg Horeca format.
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