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Marchesi di Rampingallo belongs to the Russo Messina family in Sicily, which has identified this territory by completely renewing and renovating the beam of 1700, transforming it into a modern cellar for the production of high quality wines, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies.
The vineyards, of native varieties, extend between the hills, with an altitude between 60 and 260 meters. The vineyards have been planted in a medium-sloped soil, particularly suitable with a southern exposure, characterized by a favorable microclimate, a strong temperature range between day and night and mitigated by the winds coming from the south.
The vineyards are mainly grown on a clayey soil of marble that gives the wine particular characteristics such as structure, longevity and softness, which give the flavor complex olfactory and gustatory sensations

Bevande alcoliche e Distillati
Prodotti agroindustriali
Vino de uva
Dettaglio azienda

Since its foundation Tonitto 1939 crafts premium quality Italian ice-cream and sorbets (N.1 in Italy), both for Retail and Horeca, in Italy and international markets.

Alimenti congelati
Pasticceria e Biscotti
Dettaglio azienda
TABBARE' Syrah DOC Sicilia

It is a pure Syrah, obtained from grapes conducted in agriculture of certified phytosanitary reduction. An international vine with a great aromatic kit that is now part of the history of Sicily.


Dettaglio prodotto
The PDO cheeses
Dettaglio linea
The Territorial

The I Territoriali line is composed of monovarietal wines produced with native and international grapes, to which the names of the districts located around the Baglio di Rampingallo have been dedicated, as an expression of the territory.

Line I Territoriali is intended for the HORECA canal

Dettaglio linea